Procope provides business advisory services to not-for-profit organizations. We do so by fostering a place for free thinking and problem solving. We aspire to be a place where people from various backgrounds and experience can mix to apply altruism to systemic challenges. Our mission is to provide this type of environment for our clients, employees and contractors as we strive to find solutions together for the good of the organization as a whole. YOUR organization.

We use our accounting, finance and business knowledge to help with strategic, tactical and operational aspects of your organization. With our desire to ultimately make communities a better place, we assist not-for-profit organizations, more specifically:

While Procope provides services across Canada, most of our clients are located in the Ottawa-Gatineau region. We provide services in both official languages and can work on site or remotely, at our clients’ preference. We work with our clients to provide high value at an affordable price by using the right skills mix, leveraging technology and collaborating closely with the clients’ teams.

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Brad Brookman, CPA, CA, CFE

Brad’s knowledge and experience are based in accounting and extend to finance, controls, corporate governance, forensic investigation and more. Combining his diverse background with his strong strategic capabilities, Brad has a proven track record of aiding companies in attaining their goals, and when something goes wrong, he excels at resolving issues to get organizations back on track quickly. He is passionate about helping not-for-profit organizations transform corporate and departmental strategic objectives into focused action and realized operational excellence.

Michelle Nadeau, CPA, CMA

Michelle is fully bilingual and has a wide range of consulting experience, from audit and governance to operation optimization and project management. She has extensive experience with government and not-for-profit organizations. Most recently, she focused on assisting her clients with performance evaluation and reporting, project management and change management. Michelle has exemplary skills in risk management, quantitative, qualitative and comparative analysis, stakeholder engagement and communication. She is passionate about optimizing outcomes for not-for-profit organizations and helping them reach their goals.

Procope Consulting is proud to work with the following local partners to provide the right expertise and skills to address your needs. Our partners uphold our mandate of helping those who help others and adhere to Procope’s mission, vision and values.

By performing offensive security assessments that demonstrate what a hacker could do to your organization, Loudmouth Security brings awareness to the weaknesses and breakdowns in your cyber security defenses.

Helping organizations channel their attention, energy and precious resources to where they are most needed through facilitation and risk management expertise.

IDS is an unbiased technology service provider that resells select proven manufacturers’ products. As such, we can offer our clients unprejudiced advice. We are able to get to the root of heterogeneous system problems with tact and professionalism.

nNovation LLP delivers premium Canadian legal services in a refreshingly candid, client-centric and efficient manner.